We believe traditional, handmade footwear is overlooked these days, particularly in a time where fast fashion reigns supreme and convenience takes priority. Whilst the trainer has a place in everyone's wardrobe, whether that be for practicality or fashion, the shoes you wear can transform an entire outfit. Ever since I was first handed a pair of brown suede brogues, I have always believed you can communicate a lot by the shoes you wear... There's a reason why James Bond wears a pair of Crockett & Jones, made right here in Northampton.


When it comes to shopping consciously and making a genuinely sustainable choice, it pays to look back at the designs that have stood the test of time. Where and when to wear a high end, iconic shoe can be a difficult decision. We don’t like to think there is a time and a place where they should be worn, it is how you incorporate them into your outfit which makes all the difference and can take your day to day street style to the next level.


There appears to be a misconception these days that traditional footwear is associated with the older generation or should only be worn for formal events or special occasions. A wingtiped country brogue accompanied with a pair of jeans and a cosy roll neck jumper will set you up for a fireside drink at your local. Our vision is to bring Northampton shoes to the forefront and for them to be a staple in everyone's wardrobe. They should be seen as an investment over the long term and if taken care of properly will last you a lifetime.

- Simon