Home to world's finest shoemakers

Dating back almost 900 years, Northampton has a long, proud history of quality shoe-making with the town’s football team coined the ‘Cobblers’ in its honour.


Good quality leather production has been instrumental to Northampton’s success as the leaders of shoe manufacturing, with many of the finest English shoes still made in and around the town today.  These shoe manufacturers have stood the test of time due to their enduring quality and classic styles.


Northamptonshire’s shoemakers have made the county famous across the world as the place to buy premium quality shoes, with stores opening globally, in locations including Japan, Germany, Switzerland and the United States to name but a few.


Whilst manufacturing processes have changed over time, the craftsmen and women continue to follow traditional techniques to the highest standard. Despite these changes, all our shoes are manufactured using Goodyear welted construction, the sewing technique that revolutionised shoemaking.